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Explore out managed services below and choose which API endpoints to use. Then add app_id and app_key as request parameters, make an API request and get some transport data 🎁.

Browse APIs by managed service

TAPI Journey Planner

Build widgets and screens which help users get from A to B:

  • journey planning;

  • journey leg details;

  • multiple journey planning engines for every use case.

TAPI Bus Information

Power your app or website screens with bus passenger information:

  • departure boards;

  • buses on a map;

  • journey details;

  • route geometry;

  • both scheduled and realtime data.

TAPI Bus Fares

Augment journey planning user interfaces with bus ticket prices or data mine bus fares:

  • point-to-point bus fares;

  • powered by BODS data.

TAPI Bus Performance

Power analytics dashboards with performance data for bus fleets:

  • journey lateness;

  • service punctuality and reliability;

  • bus leg traversal times;

  • powerful filters: time periods, weekly patterns, geospatial.

TAPI Rail Information

Power your app or website screens with rail passenger information:

  • departure boards;

  • journey details;

  • both scheduled and realtime data.

TAPI Rail Performance

Power your app or website screens with historical train service information:

  • journey lateness;

  • schedule changes and cancellations;

  • service punctuality and reliability;

  • historical data from traveler's point of view.

TAPI Places

Build map displays with pins depicting accurate transport points of access:

  • bus stops;

  • rail, tube, metro, tram stations;

  • POIs;

  • flexible geospatial filters.