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Developer Portal

Welcome to the TransportAPI Developer Portal

TransportAPI is an aggregation and analytics service for UK public transport, designed to offer users, developers and operators access to transport data-as-a-service (DaaS). Our TransportAPI includes timetables, routes, live running, performance history and analytics data that has been unified into a single API service.

TransportAPI has been created for developers, by developers, with the aim of improving the experience and operations of transport through better information. Our service has around 300 developers signed up to provide apps and services on our platform: you can see some of the uses in our gallery. Our API is licenced on terms that allow you to re-use the data in any way you want, and we do not seek any downstream royalties on the apps and services you build. Full details can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

To access the TransportAPI content you need a key. You can signup for your own key, which will allow you 1000 free hits per day by default, or you can upgrade to a Per hit or Partnership plan as usage demands. You can find details of these paid plans on the pricing pages and in the Terms and Conditions.

We also publish a free key mainly for use in our tutorials, which offers a limited number of daily hits on a first come first served basis.

For all the news on TransportAPI see our blog where we post all announcements on the development of our service.

Thanks for choosing to use the TransportAPI! If you have comments or feedback please post on the Forum or tweet us at @transportapi.

Current list of Transport API endpoints

  • Bus/Ferry/Tram live departures (TfL and Nextbuses)
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram timetabled departures
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram find nearby stops/ in bounding box
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram timetable line view
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram timetabled departure detail
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram operators list
  • Bus/Ferry/Tram list of lines for operator
  • Tube live departures
  • Tube find nearby stations/ in bounding box
  • Tube network performance
  • Tube headway radar diagram
  • Tube list all lines
  • Tube list all stations
  • Tube list stations on line
  • Tube stations platforms list
  • Tube timetabled departures
  • Tube timetabled departure detail
  • Train find nearby stations/ in bounding box
  • Train timetabled station details
  • Train timetabled departures
  • Train next timetabled departure
  • Train stations served by an operator
  • Train live station departures
  • Local transport summary in widget